Gio’s Story

Type of kitesurf kite:
How did you discover your passion for kitesurfing?
I was fond of kites since I was a child. Every time I went to the sea, I had to have my kite with me.
In 2015, while I was going holyday in Costa Rica, I decided I wanted to learn how to surf. There, I was not aware of the existence of kitesurfing yet; I had never seen it before. Before starting to take my first surf lesson, I watched some videos on youtube and between one video and the next one I watched a guy riding the waves with a surf and a sail.
I was so fascinated by this video, that I started following the youtuber / kiter channel. From that day onward, I’ve discovered a new sport: Kitesurfing. So I started looking for a school to take lessons. I did the basic course on Como Lake and then I practiced a few hours in Sicily at the Stagnone. Now, my holidays are mainly based on finding new spots to visit and new people to meet.
How was your first time?
The first hours of lesson were not so easy, because you have to constantly look at the wing. In fact, the following day I got up with neck pain. But as soon as I started making the first edge, I realized that was the right sport for me.
Which seas have you crossed the waves?
Como Lake (it’s not a sea but, oh well, it’s still a place I’ve visited), Garda Lake (not a sea). Sicily – Stagnone, Gela, Puzziteddu. Egypt – Safaga. Calabria – Punta Pellaro. Ticino – Magliaso. Bali – Thailandia.
Tell us about the most beautiful adventure you have experienced with your glider.
At Punta Pellaro, during a sunset in July 2020, I kited for almost 1 hour, perfect wind, perfect temperature, perfect sun rays and with the background of Sicily. That was one of the best moments with my kite.
Which garments would you like your glider to transform into?
Jacket and backpack

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