About FAR

Our goal is to match sustainability with fashion,
combining high quality tailor-made design
with the lightness and preciousness of preflown kites ."


Far aims to disrupt the linear fashion trajectory, keeping clothing and materials in use through recycling, repurposing and rewearing, avoiding making completely new products.


There is no one like the Far garment you choose. We are all one of a kind. We want you to be aware that you’re wearing something truly unique. Exclusivity no longer rests on its price range, but above all, for its rarity.


Far is for people that care about what they buy, where it comes from and who makes it. We locally produce thoughtful pieces that will enrich your life, because they were made with passion and purpose.


Sustainability is a matter of lifetime. That’s why we don’t do seasonal collections. Instead we try to create durable products with timeless designs from leading materials and only change if we can improve them.

Which elements make Far so Special among kitereusers?