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It is always people that make the difference. It is the people who make the high school of fashion and design STA a sort of big family as well as being the best fashion design school in Switzerland. It is a place where I always felt safe and I could go back. This is also the reason why the collaboration with Far was born. It all started when I contacted Valeria Gilardi in a very particular time, during the so-called pandemic. Valeria is a teacher, we’re nearly the same age and attended school together. I asked her to help me with digital technical sketches. From a phone call we set up a meeting, and in March 2021 a visit in school with an introduction of the Far project. I therefore became the bearer of those values ​​in which I believe so much: love for nature, environmental sustainability and the recovery of materials soaked with meanings. This collaboration made me honored and proud at the same time. Valeria has a great creative mind and, as happens when two minds of this type meet, projects and new ideas are generated … many new ideas…

The main idea was about developing of a new garment. We described this project to be “social inclusive” since solving social and environmental issues can lead to a liveable planet, happy people, and economic resilience.

Through this partnership the students felt involved and engaged into a real project that allowed them to meet in school, avoiding the social distances forced by the pandemics.

We thought about creating a very versatile and adaptible garment that could suit both men and women.

The process was perfect, just like in real fashion houses. As a first step, the students collected ideas, making a careful analysis of trends, designing the sketches while remaining true to those that are the characteristics of the brand. Then I was able to see the sketches made by the students. I was pleasantly struck by their great creativity and the countless ideas that have sprung from their moodboards. The results surprised me so much that I decided not to choose a single draft, but to bring together the ideas in a single garment as much as possible, a garment that can harmonize them and contain the different aspects of each one. So the competition turned out to be a real collaboration!

After months of working on this idea it turned out in 9 garments (one made by each student) that were presented for the first time in Silvaplana for the Engadinwind contest.

The resulti s the Silvaplana Gilet, a super versatile garment that turns into a backpack when not worn. I’m incredibly thankful to all the teachers and the students for the incredible work they realized.

I want to mention each of them.


Michelle Akaoui

Giulia D’Errico

Marie France Flury

Natali Hamawi

Vivian Hamawi

Alessandra Panizzolo

Raissa Previtali

Alessia Serratore

Corinne Stecher

Tamara Tronchet


Valeria Gilardi, Fashion Design CAD

Virna Basile, patternmaking

Svetlana Laudano, preofessional product knowledge and development

Roberto Calzolaro, prototype development

But there’s more!!

Even in 2022 we thought about something special.

This time we really took things beyond the ordinary. The project is about two (!!) accessories that will be introduced soon in the Far collection. STICK ON IT!